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Hadith of the Week

Rasulullah ﷺ said, “Be kind to your neighbour and you will be a (complete) mu’min.” [Tirmidhi]

Reception F2

Foundation 2 – Curriculum Overview

The Early Years Foundation Stage – EYFS is delivered in our setting. The curriculum is planned and structured to ensure children are kept healthy, safe and provided with opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills to begin school. There are 4 guiding principles which we abide by in our setting. These are:
1. Understanding that every child is unique, who is constantly learning to be resilient, confident and self-assured
2. Supporting children in learning to become strong and independent through positive relationships
3. Providing enabling environments with teaching and support from adults in order to learn and develop
4. The importance of learning, development and assessment

Through thorough and regular observations, and a sound knowledge of the child, staff will assess and evaluate developmental rates, and working within EYFS Framework we are able to plan and offer an individually appropriate curriculum to progress with confidence to the National Curriculum at the age of 5.

The framework sets out 3 prime areas of learning which underpin everything during Early Years, and 4 specific areas to support children to strengthen and apply the prime areas.

Areas of learning we cover are:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Our Setting 

Our Foundation 2 setting comprises of 4 fun and engaging rooms as well as our outdoor provision. We encourage our children to move freely and interact with all children and adults in our F2 setting.
We have chosen the names Ivy, Fern, Acorn & Chestnut to encourage our children to embrace the natural environment and instill calmness into the setting. 

Learning through play is an important part of the school day and children are gradually eased into more structured Phonics and Mathematical activities as the year goes on. This ensures that they remain motivated, enthused and eager learners.  

As ever, we aim to provide our children with a stimulating and calm environment, wherein they feel safe, confident to take risks and eager to learn. We are currently in the process of taking on the ‘Curiosity Approach’ to learning.

The Curiosity Approach favours calm and tranquil spaces, rather than the more traditional, bright and busy early years environments. We aim to empower children by laying down the foundations for the future and to instill lifelong love of learning. Educating our children by bringing curiosity, awe and wonder into our setting and creating the ‘thinkers and doers’ of the future.

Humans are created by Allah SWT from earth and our eternal abode is this. It is in the natural Fitra – the state of purity and innocence, of children to follow adults as their role models which in turn pleases our Creator. Therefore there is a natural inclination towards nature, and we aim to provide and inspire children with this opportunity as it connects us to our creator.  

Long Term Plan

F2 Long Term Plan 2023-2024

Topic Overviews

Spring Term 1 Topic Overview

Autumn Term 1 – Topic Overview

Autumn Term 2 – Topic Overview

Autumn Term 2 – ARABIC overview

Spring Term 1 – Topic Overview

Spring Term 1 – Arabic Overview

Spring Term 2 – Topic Overview

Summer Term – Topic Overview

Summer Term – Arabic Overview


Phonics Leaflet

Phonics leaflet Phase 1-3





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5-11 Evington Drive, Leicester LE5 5PF
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