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Hadith of the Week

Rasulullah ﷺ said, “Be kind to your neighbour and you will be a (complete) mu’min.” [Tirmidhi]

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Aims

Children follow the Early Years Curriculum in F1 and F2 after which they are assessed using national assessment guidelines. Thereafter the National Curriculum is delivered within a Creative framework with strong Islamic values.

Islamic practises such as daily duaas, sunnats, etc. are promoted consistently. Likewise the Islamic calendar, Islamic terms, manners of greeting, attitudes and behaviour are an integral part of the school day.

We aim to:

  • Develop the whole personality of pupils; with Islam as the main focus of their lives.
  • We aim for all our children to have mutual respect, kindness and consideration for others and recognise a variety of cultures, languages, experiences, needs, views and personal attributes within our school community.
  • Provide a rich and rewarding environment within which pupils may benefit from a cross-curricular approach to Islamic education. We will provide a positive environment for learning based on praise and reward, which reinforces every child’s ability to work independently or as a team.
  • Provide opportunities for each pupil to develop, and reach their full potential through the teachings and practice of Islam, so to enforce confidence in their identity as young Muslims.
  • Provide each child with high standards of education, which is broad and balanced; covering the core of religious, social, linguistic, mathematical, scientific, geographical, and physical knowledge and skills. We will work together to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • Support the acquisition of general knowledge and skills, so to enhance personal growth and confidence.
  • Promote dignity of each young person by teaching self-respect, respect for parents, elders and others, through the development of personal responsibility.
  • Aid and assist each pupil to comprehend the complexity of the world in which they live, and that their own well-being is closely connected to the well-being of others. The school seeks to free pupils from all prejudice and inspire in them the universal values of equality and fairness.
  • Ensure they enjoy their life at school, develop a love for learning and a strong desire to continue their education as a lifetime experience. Through inspirational teaching and learning experiences, we aim to enrich and maximise all aspects of development- academic, spiritual, social, creative, physical, personal, moral, and emotional.
  • Encourage children to choose healthy lifestyle options; through guidance and role models.
  • Motivate each child to acquire a moral attitude to life through conscientious awareness (Taqwa) and practise of Divine Guidance in all their affairs and transactions.



5-11 Evington Drive, Leicester LE5 5PF
0116 273 5431

5-11 Evington Drive, Leicester LE5 5PF
0116 273 5431