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Year 1

Year 1 – Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Year 1. The National Curriculum provides the basis for study reflected throughout school. Subjects are enhanced through topic work, visits, practical experience and are delivered through a mixture of class teaching, group and individual work. Enjoyment, fun, serious discussion and sharing ideas, supported by a positive attitude to learning, are all part of the day.

English is taught in many different ways to provide the basic skills required for speaking and listening, writing, reading, creative work and basic language rules. Children read every day at home and to their teacher on alternate days. Reading is however part of every aspect of the curriculum with emphasis on using the informative displays in the classroom to find information. Creative and informative writing skills during their Big writes, are achieved to a high standard.

Maths provides the opportunity for practical experience alongside the more formal aspects of learning rules, pattern and formulae. Investigation provides the opportunity to extend basic skills which have been taught in the foundation stage. Topic work includes cooking, measure, capacity, time, shape, money and data handling. Later in the year the introduction of tens and units prepares the pupils for the work undertaken in year two.

I.C.T. is used to record, inform and extend Maths, Science and English work. Pupils get the opportunity to use the ICT suite as well as use a class based computer.

Science Work is Topic based which is linked to other subjects. Children enjoy the rich variety of work which includes visits, testing theories and practical activities.

History and Geography are taught mainly through topic work, again this includes visits such as, exploring the local environment, specialist video programs, visitors to school, information from home and many practical activities. The pupils also produce some lovely written work to consolidate their learning.

Art / DT Cross curricular work provides opportunity for using skills learned in art and design technology lessons. This gives the pupils confidence to be creative using different materials, tools and ideas. In this way the curriculum comes to ‘life’ and pupils feel excited and involved. Children also get an opportunity to study the work of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet or Pieter Bruegel. Pupils have produced their own work based on some of the skills and techniques used by the artist producing wonderful displays. Design Technology is incorporated into topic work producing cards, models and maps.

R.E. / P.S.H.E our school assemblies cover a variety of aspects including both these areas of learning. Pupils are encouraged to take part in discussions and share their thoughts and ideas as part of our P.H.S.E curriculum during our circle time. R.E and P.H.S.E is bound up in the daily routine and ethos of the school.

Year 1 is a busy, happy and stimulating place to be.

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