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Rasulullah ﷺ said, “Be kind to your neighbour and you will be a (complete) mu’min.” [Tirmidhi]

Year 5

Year 5 – Curriculum Overview

In the first term we concentrate on improving and extending skills and knowledge in English and Maths, so that pupils are more than adequately prepared for their SATs examination.

From poetry to playscripts; from persuasive arguments to report writing, the children’s writing ability is explored and developed. They become confident speakers through making presentations, writing and performing speeches. The love of books is nurtured by reading and studying in depth a variety of books.

Interactive resources and Maths puzzles instil mathematical confidence and enjoyment.

ICT continues to be an integral part of the Year 5 curriculum. They use computer softwares and use formulae and charts in Excel. Pupils use PC and iPad technology to support their work in other lessons, researching facts, making movies, and presenting information.

Pupils have PE timetabled once per week through which we develop core skills to enable children to become well rounded sportsmen and women as set out in the new National Curriculum. Children in KS2 are given the opportunity to do various sports activities such as Swimming, Archery, Martial Arts, Pilates and Tennis.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) allows the children to discuss such issues as prejudice and discrimination, whilst also considering more personal aspects of the subject such as relationships and friendships.

Budding artists are encouraged to explore several artistic techniques including collage, watercolour and pastels. Sawing, gluing, designing and problem solving create a real buzz in Year 5  when they make a fairground rides!

Long Term Plan


Learning Wall

Year 5 Learning Wall

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5-11 Evington Drive, Leicester LE5 5PF
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