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Rasulullah ﷺ said, “Be kind to your neighbour and you will be a (complete) mu’min.” [Tirmidhi]

Year 4

Year 4 – Curriculum Overview

This is a great year with a variety of new and exciting opportunities. We aim to offer a stimulating curriculum extending the children’s knowledge and skills; developing their independence whilst continuing to encourage team work skills.

In English, we cover a wide range of both language and literature skills, including class work based on specific books and making links with other curriculum subjects wherever possible.

Mathematical skills are developed through a variety of practical and written activities. Times tables and mental arithmetic are tested regularly continuing the foundations laid in the years before.

Our main focus in History is to look at the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings and how they had arrived and their settlement of the British Isles. In the Summer term our focus changes to the Aztecs and how chocolate originated.

In Science, we study Light and Sound and carry out practical work extended to how the human ear works and how many equipment and instruments we come into contact with produce their different sounds. We also extend the work on food, teeth and digestion earlier to look at how our body can digest the food and use the different components to help us live, grow and survive. This is followed by the topics of Animals including humans.

ICT is used as a tool to enhance all curriculum areas. The children make the most of their time in the computer suite to develop specific skills, such as using common software programmes. We regularly make use of the i-Pads, using apps and the internet to support the curriculum.

Pupils have PE timetabled once per week through which we develop core skills to enable children to become well rounded sportsmen and women as set out in the new National Curriculum. Children in KS2 are given the opportunity to do various sports activities such as Swimming, Archery, Martial Arts, Pilates and Tennis.

In Geography, we develop an awareness of place; we travel around Europe creating our own passport, learning facts about specific countries and Europe as a continent.

We cover a range of topics in RE/PHSE including respecting each other in the community. These help to develop the children’s awareness and understanding of all religious beliefs, and social values.

In Art, we focus on colour mixing, painting and drawing skills.

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Year 4 Learning Wall

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5-11 Evington Drive, Leicester LE5 5PF
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