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  • 15 Jul 2024
    Summer Holiday Starts

Hadith of the Week

Rasulullah ﷺ said, “Be kind to your neighbour and you will be a (complete) mu’min.” [Tirmidhi]

EYFS curriculum

Our nursery follows the Early years Foundation Stage curriculum and guidance. We want everyone connected with Nursery and school to feel safe, secure, valued and of equal worth.

We create this environment by: 

  • Providing challenge for all pupils
  • Promoting equality through curriculum planning
  • Ensuring planning is differentiated in order to provide full access for all pupils; 
  • Providing specialised resources for pupils with disabilities; 
  • Creating a positive classroom ethos that is welcoming for all; 
  • Ensuring pupils feel valued and have individual targets

The day to day activities are planned around seven areas of Learning and Development, all areas are important and interlinked.

The seven areas of learning are separated into two parts.

The Prime Areas are: Personal, Social and Emotional development; Physical Development and Communication and Language

The Specific Areas are: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the world and Expressive Arts and design.


At Land of Learning Nursery, we follow the well renowned ALS phonics scheme.

This scheme is a programme that focuses on ‘quality first teaching of phonics, early reading and early writing’. 

In the Nursery, the children follow Phase 1 of the Phonics scheme. Phase 1 supports the development of speaking and listening skills which paves the way for high quality phonic work. 

We plan fun multi-sensory sessions which involve lots of games to encourage children’s active participation. 


Land of Learning Nursery welcomes all children as individuals, treating every child equally and with respect

We believe that all children have the right to have their own particular needs recognised and addressed in order to achieve success. 

We work closely with specialists from The Early Years Support Team (EYST) and Speech and Language Therapists (SALT)

We strive to ensure that the provision is suitable and supports every child’s development


In Islam, mental health, similar to physical health, is a very important aspect in a person’s development. 

Land of Learning Nursery sees positive mental health and well-being as fundamental to its values, mission and culture. 

Children are supported through activates such as engaging in Forest School, meeting people in the community, taking part in charity event, trips and stay and play sessions.

All these help to create memories and life long experiences that enhance learning and well-being.

Forest Learning

Brocks Hill Country Park 

Throughout the Autumn and Spring terms the children visit Brocks Hill Country Park to enhance their outdoor learning experiences and build a connection with nature.  The children travel to the park by bus and along their adventures they are exposed to a variety of different environments.  

The children build a connection with nature by exploring the park, following nature trails and collecting different natural resources and using them in their play. 

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