Our Team

We place great value on having highly qualified, experienced Nursery Nurses and a professional staff team in our Nursery. Children who attend The Land of Learning Nursery benefit also from the higher than average staff: pupil ratio that we are able to provide.

This means that:

  • Each child is exceptionally well supported to achieve their early learning goals
  • A smaller number than usual in pupil groups can participate in a wider variety of activities at any one time
  • Progress is closely and regularly monitored and assessed with any interventions specifically designed and targeted to meet individual needs

It also means that for those children who have special educational needs we are able to provide high-quality, consistent and often one-to-one support throughout the Nursery stage.

At the end of the Nursery stage, children who are entering the Reception class in The Land of Learning Primary School are assured of a smooth transition. We take pride in the level of support we provide at this crucial stage of our children’s development. During the summer term Nursery pupils spend time in the Reception classrooms, getting to know the staff – many of whom are qualified Nursery Nurses – as well as the physical layout and play areas of our lovely, well-resourced new building. Our Nursery and Reception staff meet together to discuss in detail the progress, attainment and achievement of each child to ensure their needs continue to be met on an individual basis on entering the Reception class.

Land Of Learning Nursery Team
Mrs Vania – Head Teacher

Qualified Practitioners

Mrs Bobat
Mrs Taib
Mrs Mansoor
Mrs M Patel



5-11 Evington Drive, Leicester LE5 5PF
0116 273 5431

5-11 Evington Drive, Leicester LE5 5PF
0116 273 5431