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Comprehension Skills – PAP session

Reading VIPERS is a method we use to support children with their reading comprehension skills. All children work on VIPERS during class reading, whether it is reading as a class, in a small group, or one-to-one with an adult.

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Brocks Hill Park – Early Years Foundation Stage

As part of the Early Years Curriculum, we encourage children to learn through outdoor play. Research shows that the world is best experienced in its natural form. We believe that the child’s first experience with the world around him/her will go on to have a profound influence upon their lives. Thus, we have developed a curriculum which allows our children to engage in that which is organic and natural; from learning about growing fruits and vegetables, playing with handmade toys carved from natural wood and having fun in the forest.

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Bikeability – Year 6

During week beginning 18th of November 2019, Land of Learning teamed up with Bikeability to promote safe riding. Children from Year 6 learned skills such as: checking if their bikes are safe to ride, how to check brakes and lights, hand signals and how to be safe on the road.

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Heritage Trail – Year 5

As part of our History curriculum and work with other communities, Year 5 looked at WWII and the Great Battle of Britain. To support what they do in school we organised a Heritage Trail around Braunstone Village in partnership with Emmanuel Christian School and in association with our Heritage Award partners on 13th of November 2019

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