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Enrichment Clubs – Autumn Term 2019/2020

Some of the clubs that were on offer during the Autumn term were:

Arts & Crafts
Art Club sparked students’ creativity by exploring two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, photography, and graphic design. Students were exposed to different forms of art and had the opportunity to create and share their own designs.

Explorers Club
Explorers Club was all about using our senses to broaden our imaginative skills and go into the depths of our explorative mind. No idea is too crazy and no imagination is too dull! We worked as a team to support each other and build ideas to create amazing works of art.

Construction Quest
Children in the construction club have been busy exercising their imaginative side and creating different objects with lots of different materials that they can find in school. So far they have written their names in Lego, made different forms of transport using recyclable materials and designed robots with a mix of these materials combined. As an Eco – School we feel it is important to spark our creativity using the materials that we have in order to work on our sustainability and help the environment.

Drama Club
This club offered a fabulous combination of movement, drama and being vocal. The children were taught to work together within a friendly and encouraging environment. By allowing children to be imaginative they have the opportunity to develop creatively, physically and socially. The Dram club not only provided the children with confidence in public speaking, listening but also teaching them the importance of teamwork. Children also got to experience putting together a performance, from stage managing to props and costumes.

Master Chef Club
In the Master Chef club, children learned about basic cooking skills and how to be safe in a kitchen. They also looked at how to live an active and healthy lifestyle alongside how to prepare and eat the right kinds of food. Children as a team decided what they wanted to cook and try each week of the term.

Yoga is a great way for children to learn how to reduce stress, as well as improve concentration, mood, balance and flexibility. We had a trained professional yoga instructor who came and carried out the sessions with our children. They leave feeling relaxed and refreshed and you can see the difference in our children’s attitudes to learning.

Sports & Fitness
Sports & Fitness plays a vital part in our well-being and looking after ourselves to ensure we are fit and healthy. Keeping fit and healthy is very important at Land of Learning and this club helped our children to look at improving their fitness and facilitating different ways that they can achieve their goals. They had a chance to do circuit training, shuttle runs and races to improve their fitness.

School Magazine – KS2
Children in this club had a chance to advance their literacy skills, by working on a school newspaper. They had chosen four topics as their main focus and are spent their time interviewing and editing the information they collected. At the end of the term they published and sold copies of their version of ‘Empowering News’.

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5-11 Evington Dr, Leicester LE5 5PF
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